Seattle is #3 in Top Gayest Cities in 2014!


Every January the ADVOCATE looks at cities across the country and names 15 they deem the GAYEST.  Each year the criteria changes a little and there are always some surprising results!

3. Seattle, Wash. (pop. 634,535)
Seattle is the home of our nation’s lust for lattes, our lust for lust (thanks in part to Dan Savage’s sex advice and his homemade porn film festival), and our lust for cool, lo-fi boutique hotels (the city is where the Ace Hotel chain sprouted). Capitol Hill is its gay headquarters, with lots of venues for guys and gals, wine bars, live music, and locavore cuisine. And if the sun isn’t shining, there are plenty of alt-cuties who will happily cuddle to keep you cozy when it rains.

See the rest of the list!

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