Where to Spend your gay Pink Dollars – and Where NOT!


This was VERY SURPRISING to me! Look who is on the NOT Side!
HARPO and OWN!   Netflix!  Neiman Marcus!!  Oh No!
With no federal employment nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people, and limited state protections, corporate America has taken the lead on fair workplace policies. That sentence might make one say, “Thank goodness for corporations,” but the truth is that it also puts a burden on the LGBT consumer. We must seek out and support businesses that treat LGBT employees and their families with dignity and respect. But how do we do that when businesses don’t post their employment policies in their windows, and even if they did, who wants to read a manual before walking into a store?
Fortunately there is an easy way to determine which businesses support LGBT equality, and it’s only a click away. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation publishes the Corporate Equality Index annually. The CEI rates the entire Fortune 1,000, the AmLaw 200 (the nation’s top law firms) and other businesses on their equal employment opportunity policies, employee benefits, organizational LGBT competency and their public commitment to equality and responsible corporate citizenship. An easy search at hrc.org/cei will show you exactly which companies have shown a commitment to their LGBT workers, and just as importantly, which companies have failed this large segment of the workforce.
There is also a great PDF you can read, the reveals a lot about the businesses – good and bad!
So think TWICE, before giving your dollars to someone on the  NOT HERE side.

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