Social Outreach Seattle Gay Marriage Video


Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) is proud to present a video made by our video production manager, Dru Dinero, founder and CEO at Visual Affairs.


One week ago, Washington State acknowledged the right of LGBTQ couples to marry. Same-sex marriages took place as early as 12:01a.m. on Dec. 9. Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) Video Production Manager was there to film the historic event every step of the way.



“This past week has had me doing a lot of soul searching and recollection about what 2012 meant to me. I hit my 1-year anniversary in Seattle on August 3rd, and had already accomplished some of the things that have left me feeling proud of not only myself, but also my new and old friends. In the first quarter of this year, I saved up all of my lunch money, like a big kid, and made one of the first investments in my career. A brand new Canon 7D was purchased and this Latin boy set off on his dream to become a respectable filmmaker.In July, I was blessed by being given the opportunity to help make a video that won a contest from The White House and sent Shaun Knittel, Heather Carter, me, and a few of our friends to Washington D.C. for an event inside The White House where my video was screened. The experience, as you can imagine, was surreal. I came back knowing that my teenage fantasy, about being an activist for positive change, was knocking at my door.See, I’d witnessed and experienced the ugliness of racial profiling and prejudice growing up. Several of my best friends constantly live on edge because of their illegal immigration status in this country. I understand that the educational system that I was taught under isn’t stellar. I also am very aware that our environment is suffering from our carelessness, and these issues are just the beginning. So when I moved to Seattle and realized that the law saw my new and old friends as second-class citizens because of who they are, this Straight boy knew exactly what he had to do. I’ll be the first to admit that fearlessly and tirelessly endorsing Marriage Equality did not come with a lack of fear. However, I knew that this was the right thing to do. “Nothing worth doing is ever easy.”

Fast forward to September, the Social Outreach Seattle 10-video campaign for Marriage Equality had begun. After assembling a crew which consisted of 3 Straight boys and one Gay boy, we began our filming. The next three months would prove to be the busiest and most engaging months of my life, thus far. Day after day, I met new, dedicated, tireless, fearless individuals who were all doing their part to ensure that on November 6th, Marriage Equality would be the law of the land in Washington State. I worked my crew and myself to the bone… and then some. I immersed myself mentally, physically and emotionally into this campaign and I am glad that I did.

We released a video a day, leading up to the election, starting on October 1st. My crew and I also overshot and ended up with 25 campaign videos, instead of just 10. I guess you can say I was excited and got a little carried away! Alongside with the campaign ads, I was also covering events that were happening all around the Greater Seattle area.

November 6th, eventually came about. We waited anxiously. This was the day that all of our efforts were going towards. This was the main event. As crowds gathered around Capitol Hill, we excitedly embraced when the results came back for the Presidency. We howled when we learned that Minnesota, Maine, and Maryland had approved Marriage Equality. Finally the news struck. All of our efforts, our sleepless nights, all of the long hours, blood, sweat, and tears had paid off. It was finally recognized that all of the members of our society in Washington deserved the right to marry the person that they love.

I was numb. The smile on my face meant my brain understood what this meant, but I think many of us can relate when I say that my heart still didn’t feel it was real. I suppose happiness at that level takes some time to register.

Obama was re-elected and Marriage Equality was now a truth. Oh, and you can smoke pot legally now too! We sure made the myths here in Washington.

Marriage Equality did not become real to me until I began the filming of this video. That cold evening was made warm as I looked through the lens of my camera and captured the real human emotion of happiness. Hundreds of same-sex couples were realizing their dreams that evening and many more will in the future because of the work we did. I am happy and humbled that I could be a part of such beautiful time in our history.

To those who guided me and/or were there for me during this amazing time in my life, thank you. This was truly a blessing to experience.

Shaun Knittel, SOSea Founder, Executive Director
(206) 769 -0238

It’s amazing what everyday human beings can accomplish when the cause is just and the driving force is love.” –Dru Dinero


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